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year | 1999
place | Maastricht
category | wonen
The initial design consisted of 10 courtyard houses  on  a  flat  piece  of  ground  that  was  smaller  and  narrower. The urbanistical problem to be resolved  by the typology and layout of the houses was that  of how to get two front sides while the houses can  only be reached by car from one side. The answer  was the design of a set of narrow courtyard houses  that could be lined up next to each other back to front  and front to back. Several years later the urbanist  transplanted this idea to a larger slightly sloping site.  The 16 houses now built therefore lack a little the  absolute privacy of a true courtyard house, but they  still have the simplicity of the freely fl owing space  between inside and outside, living area and garden.

Design - Realization: 1997 - 1999
Address: Koninksemstraat, Diets-Heurpad, Maastricht 
Client: Stienstra Projectontwikkeling Heerlen [BPD Ontwikkeling BV]
Project Team: Wim van den Bergh, Jo Janssen, Jeroen van Haaren
Collaboration: Prof. Ir. Wim van den Bergh