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year | 1999
place | Maastricht
category | wonen
The first design for the 'Spil', a seven-storey residential building, is one of the two outstanding buildings in a new neighborhood ‘Vroendaal’ in Maastricht, and was designed as a sculptural mass at this location due to the large program for this location.
The plot on which the building is to be designed is located on the intersection of the main connecting road on the one hand, and an existing green area to be maintained in the middle of the urban plan, which is the separation and / or transition between the private houses and the terraced houses.

Design - Realization: 1999 – not executed
Address: Savelsbosch - Bovenstebosch, Brunssum 
Client: Grouwels-Daelmans Projectontwikkeling
Project Team: Jo Janssen, Paulus Egers, Simon Zumstein, Jeroen van Haaren, Guido Neijnens