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year | 2002
place | Roermond
category | wonen
The assignment was the transformation and renovation of the apartment complex “Salvator", realized in 1977, and consisting of 97 apartments and associated common areas, to optimize safety and quality of life.
A new, physical safe situation is created by intervention and paying attention to several points. First of all, the acces to the court is no longer accessible to the public, but privileged to the habitants of the apartments. Originally the courtyard was planned with trees, yet not performable due to the construction of a car park underneath of it. However, to preserve this greenery, staircases covered with ivy are designed to replace the trees. 
Secondly, the forecourt is renovated, privileging the pedestrians. The existing entrance is now enlarged with a new hall and covers the functions of both entering, meeting and waiting for transportation.

Design - Realization: 1998 - 2002
Address: Minderbroederssingel, Roermond 
Client: woningbouwvereniging Wonen Zuid
Project Team: Jo Janssen, Prof. Ir. Wim van den Bergh, Simon Zumstein, Guido Neijnens, Jeroen van Haaren