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year | 2012
place | Curaçao
category | Utiliteit
Marie Pampoen Boulevard

The development of Marie Pampoen Beach Boulevard is a boost to all island residents, but particularly for the residents near Marie Pampoen. The urban fabric of the Marie Pampoen district consists mainly of small, one-storey houses. The length of the new boulevard is approximately 690 m. Its visual and physical connections with the surrounding have been important in the design process.
The functional program is not centered, into a compact, large-scale volume, but spread along the entire length of the developing boulevard axis. The small volumes that are made possible, are a continuation of the orthogonal, small-scale urban fabric of Marie Pampoen. These small pavilions with different characteristics, allows a varied picture and several different views. This will guarantee that the view from Marie Pampoen towards the Caribbean Sea will be maintained. Through the filter effect of the small views it will be more varied and even more interesting.

To extend the quality and the length of the stay, a roof with openings for patios is planned above the entire zone. The patios have reservoirs with water which serve as cooling.
The roof creates shade, which enables the visitor the possibility to walk along the promenade and stay in the shade [under the roof, pergolas and trees] or to stay in the sun by walking from patio to patio. The roof is used for the application of solar panels for the production of energy. The rainwater that falls on the roof, is collected and stored in cisterns, which are located under the floor of the boulevard. This water can be used for the irrigation and sanitary.

This new waterfront will be a place for a larger spectrum of public activities. It will become a hub, buzzing with activity and providing a chance for Marie Pampoen to regain its connection to the beach and the sea.  The Marie Pampoen Boulevard is an intervention to connect people, local citizen and tourists, at the site.

Design - Realization: 2012 - 
Address: Marie Pampoen, Curaçao  
Client: MIC. Marcellis Infra Consult NV
Project Team:: Jo Janssen, Prof. Ir Wim van den Bergh, Arabella El Ginawy, Ivo Rosbeek
Collaboration: Paul Spiertz, MIC. Marcellis Infra Consult NV