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year | 2018
place | Leeuwarden
category | Utiliteit
The Fryske Akademy is a scientific institute linked to the K.N.A.W. [Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences] and conducts research in the field of Frisian language, culture, history and society. The institute has 75 years of age and produces books on a regular basis [average 1 edition per month]. The Fryske Akademy organizes national / international congresses and lectures and is linked to the European Knowledge Center for Multilingualism Mercator. The work of the academy is so unique in the world that there is even a Friesian-Japanese dictionary and many university and scientific institutions come to Leeuwarden to study how the institute is able to keep and promote the [Friesian] cultural history.

The open character of the Fryske Akademy is translated into architecture by introducing many daylight and sight lines. One of the buildings was the former Noorderkerk, an introvert building that was used by the Fryske Akademy as a congressional building in the past. We transformed the church into a research institute for the various researchers working in the Akademy, as well as those who can come here for their research. On the sidewalks, the concentration centers are situated, which are given direct daylight via gable openings, including the existing stained glass windows.

Design - Realization: 2010 - 2016
Address: Doelestraat 8, Leeuwarden
Client: Fryske Akademy Leeuwarden
Project team: Jo Janssen, Prof. Ir. Wim van den Bergh, Arabella El Ginawy, Mireia Marin Perez