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year | 2023
place | Maastricht
category | wonen
Façade Proosdijweg Maastricht, 2021 - 2023

Due to the transformation of the neighborhood Blauwdorp Maastricht, according to the plan 'Blauwe Loper' [Ziegler | Branderhorst urban planning and architecture / Municipality of Maastricht], a scar was created by demolition of houses on the Proosdijweg. We were commissioned by the Municipality of Maastricht to heal this scar. 
Part of the assignment also included the realization of a studio on the first floor where there used to be an underpass.
We interpreted the architectural assignment as restoring the corner Proosdijweg - Willem Vliegenstraat and sought inspiration in the surrounding buildings.

Design - realization: 2021 - 2023
Address: Proosdijweg Maastricht
Client: Municipality of Maastricht
Project team: Jo Janssen, Maud van Oerle