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year | 1996
place | Maastricht
category | object
The designs for the objects, lamp and stylus, and the materialization of these two designs, are a assay of our design ideas: architecture as a combination of spaciousness, use, functionality and beauty, a commitment to accuracy with minimum resources:  architecture and poetry.
How pure of form and materiality can an object be that only performs its function, that the object that is created, is a translation of craftsmanship, from design to realization. Both designs are pure cylinders and enclose the elements that make its function possible. In the case of the pen, it is literally the filling of the pen, and for the lamp the fitting.
The design of the lamp has been produced in a small edition and installed in several private houses we designed.

Design - Realization: 2009
Project Team: Jo Janssen, Paulus Egers
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