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year | 2004
place | Heerlen
category | wonen
The existing house, designed by Piet Grouls and Max van Beers, built in a black concrete stone and designed introverted, was used as a formal house, a house to receive and less to live. We have read the assignment as creating a matching extension on the one hand and as a typological counterpart on the other. Is the existing house an introverted volume, the extension is a pavilion; the existing house is a formal place to receive, the extension is thought of as a place to live.
The newly created house is based on the Limburg townhouses, where there was a front room for formal occasions, and a back, more informal room, often the dining room or kitchen.
The solution for the expansion has been found is a pavilion, in which the walls define the different living areas and opens to the outdoor spaces.

Design - Realization: 1998 - 2004
Address: Heerlen
Jo Janssen, Jeroen van Haaren, Simon Zumstein