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year | 2011
place | Sittard - Geleen
category | Utiliteit
Relocation Sabic Site Office

The occasion for this mass and urban study is Sabicʼs intention to realize new office facilities on the Site in Sittard-Geleen. The current office buildings on the ʻPlantʼ are severely outdated and no longer meet current safety and building requirements. Sabic has commissioned Jo Janssen Architects + Prof. Ir. Wim van den Bergh to make a mass study to research for a sustainable solution for the relocation within the context of the Geleen ʻPlantʼ: replacement of a new building with an innovative office concept concentrated on one location.
Based on the program of requirements, a volume will have to be realized with a required effective working area of approximately 15,000 m2 [gross floor area]. Some existing buildings on the site will therefore be redundant and demolished.

The main drivers for the proposed relocation project are safety, severely outdated facilities, working method and culture [more vital collaboration and meeting], relationship with the plants. 
These aspects are described in detail in the report 'Office accommodation Sabic Site Geleen', prepared by Concept-international by workstyleconsultants.

Design: 2011 (2015)
Dimension: 15.000 m2
Address: Sabic, Sittard - Geleen 
Client: SABIC Site Management Team 
Project team: Jo Janssen, Prof. Ir Wim van den Bergh, Marcel Storms
Partners: Concept-international bv workstyleconsultants