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year | 2022
place | IJmuiden
category | Utiliteit
Relocation TTS

Our assignment is within an industrial environment, whose owner is faced with the task of making its viable office buildings more sustainable, we examine the building structures for their adaptability, their sustainable upgrading and develop concepts for the revitalization and transformations of these buildings towards a "sustainability in every sense, including the introduction of a new working environment. The office concept includes an effective, sustainable working environment, the potential to act as a social, informal retreat and to be a virtual collaborative workplace

Building 315A: 2,620 sq. m. 
Building 315B: 3.200 sq. m.
Building 315C: 3.500 sq. m.
Building 315D: 1.100 sq. m.
Building 315G: 6.100 sq. m.

Design: 2021 - ongoing
Address: -
Client: TTS Site Facility Management
Project team: Jo Janssen, Pierre Buijs, Maud van Oerle, Jules Kellens, Mingyu Kim
Partners: Creovate