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year | 1999
place | Maastricht
category | Utiliteit
The assignment was the realization and design of an office building for 230 employees of the Headquarters of the Limburg Waterworks.
The site is characterized by two directions, namely north-south [Maas] and direction Kennedysingel, which also serve as a starting point in the urban planning concept of the Municipality of Maastricht. These directions have been translated into their own character in the design. The north-south direction, the directions of the urban development plans for the Randwyck and Ceramique districts, has been translated into a vertical volume, which among other things, due to its height, forms a transition element between the two urban development plans (Céramique and Randwyck).
The low volume parallel to the Kennedy Bridge is the guidance of the traffic coming to and departing from the city. This volume has been kept as low as possible, so that it somewhat digs into the slope of the Kennedysingel.
The two volumes are linked to each other by a third volume, the 'backbone', which is the intersection of the vertical and horizontal connections, and therefore acts as a social condensator within the building. The interaction between user and visitor takes place within this volume.
The three building volumes form a composition of vertical and horizontal volumes.

Design - Realization: 1996–1999, competition 1st prize
Address: Limburglaan, Maastricht
Client: Headquarters of the Limburg Waterworks
Project Team: Jo Janssen, Paulus Egers, Simon Zumstein, Jeroen van Haaren, Jos Eliëns
Collaboration: Paulus Egers interior architect, IAA Enschede
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• Motta Books, Jo Janssen Architect 2008 [p. 68-77], ISBN 978-90-807520-3-0