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year | 2004
place | Maastricht
category | wonen
The design is a sequence of spatial sequences. The house consists of two volumes, with the main volume, consisting of three floors, a floor for the children, a living floor [including entrance hall] and a floor for the parents. The additional volume contains a kitchen, dinerspace and a cellar.
A split level organization was chosen, whereby the spaces of the living room, the kitchen and the children's floor merge. This has led to the children's floor being half submerged in the ground level and the upper floor located above street level, which benefits the privacy for the living floor.

The half-sunken children's floor is accessed via two staircases, one from the hall and the other from the kitchen. It offers the possibility for the children to have control over the house, because they have the choice which route they take to have contact with parents or not.

The large window in the rear facade [east] connect the living spaces with the garden, while the street facade with the translucent glas ensures a separation between residents and passers-by.
The house does not reveal on how it functions, organizational, spatial and constructive; one must enter and experience it.

Design - Realization: 2001 - 2004
Address: Koninksemstraat 5, Maastricht
Client: private
Jo Janssen, Simon Zumstein, Jeroen van Haaren, Guido Neijnens