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year | 1997
place | Loon op Zand
category | wonen
Design for a private house with office, in the urban plan Kaatsheuvel-Zuid, in Loon op Zand.
Programmatically, living and working are separated, they each have a separate entrance and a private outdoor space, internal there is a connection.
The design for the house is formed by a garden wall, which enclosed the entire plot. The house seeks its strength in the plot itself and anchored by the wall in the urban plan, which has no context and references.. Windows give the garden wall rhythm and measure, defines the expression of the building. The wall functions as a filter: light and people who are admitted or revealed.

Design - Realization: 1996 - 1998
Address: Grevelingen - Koningsdiep, Kaatsheuvel 
Opdrachtgever: privé
Project Team: Jo Janssen, Paulus Egers, Jeroen van Haaren

  • Interior & Design 1998 Spring, pag. 24-25